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Thomas AIR PAC Electric Air Compressors

These are the compressors Thomas Industries built their name on. These durable industrial air compressors have testimonials up to 24 years. Easy to rebuild! Click on compressor images or names for details, specs, features, nail gun usage, manuals, etc. Service kits are available. Please contact us to order kits.
air_pac_compressors/images/air_pac_electric/T-617HDN.jpg Thomas AIR-PAC Model T-617HDN Electric Air Compressor
Thomas compressor model T-617 HDN is a 1/2 HP electric air compressor. It is the ideal unit for those who want a quiet air compressor, long life compressor capable of handling any (1) finish gun or brad nailer. Drawing less than 4 amps and weighing only 26 lbs., it is extremely portable and will run anywhere electricity is available. Designed for the professional, this industrial air compressor is also a favorite of the homeowner or hobbyist who takes pride in owning the best in equipment. Like all Thomas machines, it is rated for continuous use and will not burn up when given hard use. Additional uses for this Thomas compressor include: airbrushing, small spray guns, inflating tires, air mattresses, sports equipment and winterizing water lines on RVs and motor homes.

T-30HP.jpg Thomas AIR-PAC Model T-30HP Electric Air Compressor
Thomas compressor model T-30 HP is a super efficient long life 1-1/4 HP air compressor capable of multiple gun operation. This portable air compressor, weighting only 53 lbs. can easily be moved around the job-site. This quiet air compressor ( 72dba) is ideal for remodeling and additions or any situation where job-site noise is a consideration. Drawing only 12.5 amps it will easily run on 15 amp circuits and will do so even when extension cords are used. A 5 year electrical warranty covers the air compressor motor and other electrical components including the capacitor, relay, pressure switch and cord. This air compressor is rated for continuous duty; it will not burn up or overheat when kept running by multiple air gun use.

air_pac_compressors/images/air_pac_electric/T-635HD.jpg Thomas AIR-PAC Model T-635HD Electric Air Compressor
Thomas compressor model T-635 HD is a 3/4 HP Ultra Oil-less Air Compressor. It is the smallest unit available capable of supporting a framing gun. This portable air compressor has a 6 amp draw and 26 lb. weight, it will run anywhere and is easily moved from truck to job-site. It's the perfect machine for the Finish Carpenter that also installs windows and doors. It will easily support a framing gun when doing stud work and can be used for light sheathing, but is not the right unit for high volume nail off. This quiet air compressor, at 69 decibels it is quiet enough for indoor use without upsetting the homeowner. Other uses for this Thomas compressor include: tire inflation, painting, airbrushing, small air tools, blowing out sprinkler systems and winterizing water lines on mobile homes and RV's.

air_pac_compressors/images/air_pac_electric/T-2820ST.jpg Thomas AIR-PAC Model T-2820ST Electric Air Compressor
Thomas model T-2820 ST is a 2 HP Twin Cylinder Air Compressor. At 74 decibels the T-2820ST Thomas air compressor is the quietest 2 HP compressor on the market. Delivering 5 cfm @ 100 psi it is also the highest output 2 HP compressor in the market. The unique 2 cylinder In-line design is one of a kind and is unmatched for smoothness and balance. A solid state start switch and 5 - Year Electrical Warranty are also Thomas exclusives and are not found anywhere else. At 13.5 amps it starts effortlessly on 15 amp circuits even when extension cords are used. Like all Thomas compressors it is rated for continuous use and will not burn up or overheat when used for extended periods of time. With a 9-second recovery time it is the fastest air compressor in the industry. Uses for this air compressor include: multiple nail gun use, drywall texture spraying, pneumatic impact wrenches, paint spraying and sandblasting.

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